Agricultural Uses: the harvest of the landscape

If there is something that dominates this corner of the Ebro Valley, it is the cropped land. Although it is a totally anthropic landscape (made by mankind), it cannot be considered an invasion but a conquest as we talk about centuries of working the land with barely any variations.

Apart from the machinery (and some industrial crops), the Romans cultivated the same crops in the same way as the farmers of today: cereal, vineyards, olive trees, fruit trees and vegetables.

Human hands, with their impeccable work, have allowed a sustainable use of the landscape according to the climate, the geology and the ground.

This organized and colourful landscape has also configured the people of this place who are proud of the products of their land and always set to share them with you with any excuse.



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You will  perfectly see Roman quarries with pickaxe marks, trenches for the quarrying of the stone blocks, crane marks and some abandoned ashlar stones. Everything has been discovered and interpreted by the Archaeology team of Cascante.   

Distance: 2,16 kms / Easy

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Distance: 6,97 kms / Easy

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Distance: 13,67 kms / Moderate

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Without you this is only a territory; you transform it into landscape by looking at it. You are QVADRARIA! Be careful not to alter it negatively (take your rubbish with you, respect what you see). Landscape can be enjoyed in many levels, so we recommend…

// For an intellectual enjoyment:

Take a mobile phone with an app for downloading QR codes with your and some headphones. Come ready to talk with locals. Scrutinize this website!

// For a sensory enjoyment

Don’t forget your binoculars, magnifying glass, camera and whatever you need for a perfect day (a hat for the wind, boots, water, some food, comfortable clothes according to climatology).

// For an emotional enjoyment:

Come along with your friends, your pet, your family, your lover or on your own. If you own a horse, it is a wonderful path for trotting.

Without you this is only a territory;

you transform it into landscape by looking at it.


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